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Anesthesia at hospital charge me 500 Euro

Anesthesia at hospital charge me 500 Euro
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Γεωγραφική Περιοχή: 
Δεκέμβριος, 2012
My wife went into emergency labor and needed emergency cesarean section, but because it was late at night, the anesthesiologist said he would not do it unless I pay him extra 500 euro when he show up. I did not want my wife to be awake for cutting of her uterus for emergency surgery. I have no choice but to pay him. He did his job, but I had to pay him a "premium" because it was night time. I ask the hospital manager if this is normal and he say sometimes but nothing he can do about it. We are not very wealthy and 500 euro was a lot of money. My wife and baby are good.

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