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Ιανουάριος, 2013
Let is PLEASE when we write all o these TRY to list the person's name. The best was is to list the name, and then let is try to shame, or better threaten, the person, whether doctor, tax collector, wor whoever, into returning the money. The BEST would be the same as the Athens Metro.... there it used to be 30 times (in 1995), now it is up to I think either 60 times, So if a doctor gets 100 euro, he sould have to return 6000 euro.If that is overdoing it, we could leave it as 30 times. But there has to be a punishment, and one that the people 'in authority' are truly atraid of. Otherwise they will keep running circless around us I do not like to say 'let us group up and go out with metal knuckles and beat them up' but some doctores and tax collectors have done that in Greece for 100 years. I do not say that for revenge, I only say to do that a few times, so the other doctors and tax collectors know that they are in danger if they overdo things, and that if they overdo things they may get beaten up. It is not a quiestion of revenge, it is a matter of making sure that people are sure that if they steal money there is a decent chance of punishment. The Greek legal system is known not to work, so we will have to arrange it by ourselves.

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