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Ιανουάριος, 2013
you should have an English version, and prove to the world how the majority in greece are good people


8 years ago ( 09:29 AM )
There ισ absolutely no reason to prove anything to anybody. Corruption must be eliminated because this is for the best interest of Greek citizens, only! Τhe world must stay out of this. Corruption will not be fought by ridiculing ourselves. Τα εν οικω, μη εν δημω.

8 years ago ( 15:44 PM )
I agree with you, my friend, we should have an english version. And all my friends abroad know exactly what's happening here, outside the media's misinformation, because I'm able to relay it to them clean and clear. Because it's wrong to suffer an entire life of complications and mis-service and being ripped on every single transaction with the "state" and then be blamed for it too. Unfortunately, not many people speak good enough english for that to happen. I'd bet at least 7 out of 10 that have posted here are limited to "hello" and "thank you" and "please". However, the numbers on this site alone should offer at least an indication?

8 years ago ( 18:07 PM )
we dont have to prove anything.There are no bad or good people, corruption is a worldwide phenomenon

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