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Dasarxeio Xiou, *

Dasarxeio Xiou, *
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Απρίλιος, 2014
I been trying for a year to get authorization to cut a some pine's . I requested permission more than year ago. Spoke with the Dasarxeio manager in Xios *. He send a few times his people to see the area, at first he told me there was not a problem I will get the authorization. Weeks went by then months every time I asked i was getting the same answer "give me a few more days, give another week, another month". Several employees told me if you don't give him a FAKELAKI you will never get the atomization . I was getting the same HINT from him also, but I was hoping hat I was wrong. After a year I received a letter stating that he is not going to give me permission. I went to Dasarxeio Xiou, and asked why he was lying to me for a year I also asked if I had given him a FAKELAKI if I would have been approved , his answer TORA EINE POLI ARGA. I also told him I will be reporting him, his answer EXIS APODIKSIS OTI SOU GITISA XRIMATA. PIGENE OPOU THELIS. This is very sad , Greece is nothing but FRAUD, no one is trustworthy in this country, we will never invest in GREECE AGAIN.

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