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Terrific treatment, no fakelakia

Terrific treatment, no fakelakia
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Ιανουάριος, 2013
I was in the Xania General Hospital for surgery for 12 days in August, followed by three weeks of outpatient care, and there was never a whisper of corruption, from the cleaners and dinner ladies to the surgical team that operated on me. I received superb care (in my opinion - I'm not an expert in these matters), and this is a chance to thank, publicly, all those who looked after me. I'd also like to note that a close friend of mine who died a year ago received equally good treatment, for what became terminal cancer, in Xania and Irakleio. Again, no additional payments were ever mentioned during his almost two years of inpatient/outpatient treatment. I welcome this website - it's a fantastic idea, and all concerned must be congratulated - but I think we should also be able to note occasions, such as the ones I've described above, where ethical behaviour was the norm. Peter Bowen Galatas, Xania


8 years ago ( 14:54 PM )
They dare n't ask us Peter because we are foreigners - we will refuse .... they know that. No one has ever asked me for a 'fakilaki' but my Greek friends are asked constantly.

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